Video Testimonials

Find out more about Bespoke Fitness in our welcome video, then see what our personal training clients have to say about our highly recommended fitness services.

Welcome to Bespoke Fitness!


After years of following unsustainable diets and experimenting with a number of exercise classes, hear how Debbie plucked up the courage to contact Bespoke Fitness, after repeatedly seeing one of the trucks parked up and operating in the village where she lives. Listen to Debbie explain how the nutritional coaching and motivational support that she has received during her time training with Bespoke Fitness has had a huge impact on her success, achieving such impressive results.


Meet Helen and hear how she decided to start training with Bespoke Fitness. Initially, she wanted to get into shape for her wedding, but then also after some time out and away from her training due a variety of reasons, Helen knew that she needed to re-focus on her own health and wellbeing. Listen to her journey on how Bespoke Fitness helped coach her back to regaining her fitness, structure her nutritional habits but also re-balance and de-stress her body and mind.


Jane has been training with Bespoke Fitness for five years and in that time she has lost well over ten stone. Listen to her inspirational story, accomplishments and huge achievements and find out how Bespoke Fitness has helped her at every stage on her journey.


Gary has been training with Bespoke Fitness for five years and along with his wife Jane he has made some significant lifestyle changes around fitness and nutrition and as a result is now seven stone lighter. Listen to Gary’s story and find out how Bespoke Fitness helped him on his journey so far and also hear how he has come up with his very own and unique method of training that takes fitness training in your own home to a whole new level!


After spending money on attending the gym and not seeing much return on her investment in the way of help or results, Lucy decided to look for guidance and support through a personal trainer, having been inspired by watching a TV programme. Lucy explains how after trying a variety of diets and going through the cycle of short term success and repeated failures how working with Bespoke Fitness has shown her the importance and value of quality calories. Lucy, not being a big fan of exercise has managed to incorporate exercise into her weekly routine that she finds fun and which has lead to her impressive results so far.

Peter & Charlotte

Peter and Charlotte (Husband & Wife), Listen to their story and find out their reasons for deciding to take up training with Bespoke Fitness. Peter, still a real life Superman in his mid 70's was keen to start training sessions, but upon his first meeting with Bespoke Fitness had discovered, unbeknown to him that he had high blood pressure. Hear Peter explain his journey and how he has become much fitter and how through exercise he has significantly decreased his blood pressure. Charlotte, Northumberland's queen of marmalade production was keen to improve her posture for her hours spent making the marmalade. Hear Charlotte explain how it was also important for her to undertake weight training in her exercise programme to increase muscular strength and improve her bone density.

Anna & William

Anna and William (Husband & Wife) were introduced to the services of Bespoke Fitness on the back of a recommendation of a close friend and have now been training with Neil and Mark for two years. Listen to Anna describe that prior to training with Bespoke Fitness how she suffered with years of chronic neck and back pain but also how after various attempts she struggled to find exercise that was safe, suitably structured and would take into account her injuries. William, always had a pretty active lifestyle living in London but after having moved back up to rural Northumberland had discovered that, suprisingly, he had become much more inactive and was leading a more sedentary based life. William describes how he views his training as luxury and how training with Bespoke Fitness at his home is a worthwhile and convenient solution to improving his health and fitness on a weekly basis.


Meet Frances and hear how she has become much fitter and leaner than she has been in years, dropped a couple of dress sizes and how training with Bespoke Fitness has boosted her confidence and self esteem. Find out why training with Bespoke Fitness fits into her busy lifestyle and how it has become an essential part of her life week in week out.

Lorraine & Helen

After spending years attending classes and eventually hitting a plateau with their training, hear how Lorraine and Helen (Mother and Daughter) decided to call upon the services of Bespoke Fitness to elevate their training and education around nutrition to a level where they were achieving results again. Hear how training together motivates each other along and how it helps them to remain consistent and continue on the path towards achieving their own health and fitness related goals.

Paul & Susan

Only six months into their health and fitness journey but already Paul and Susan (Husband & Wife) have made significant lifestyle improvements resulting in losing four and a half stone each. Listen to their story and hear their reasons for choosing to train with Bespoke Fitness and how training together as a couple and supporting each other along the way has been an essential part to their success.

Mark & Matthew

Meet Mark & Mathew (Father and Son) and listen to why it was important for them to train as a family and to integrate fitness training into their weekly routine with the help of Bespoke Fitness as well as gain a better understanding and education around nutrition that the whole family could adopt. Listen to Matthew and find out how he has become much fitter for his football, how he has reduced his body fat by over twenty percent and how with the help of Bespoke Fitness he has arrived at a place where training has become a part of his life and something that he enjoys.