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Personal Training & Health Services

Whatever personal training or fitness goal you have, we have the expertise and professional service for you.

Health Rehabilitation

Modern day health problems can be attributed to a number of factors such as overworking, lack of sleep, worrying about financial situations, eating toxic foods, foods that cause inflammation and digestive problems, over-eating, under-eating, moving incorrectly, not moving enough and the list goes on. We will help you identify factors that can negatively affect your health and find a manageable solution that fits within your day to day life style.

Obesity & Diabetes

Through the highly recognised Level 4 Wright Foundation qualification in Obesity & Diabetes, our inclusion criteria qualifies us to accept, programme and deliver specialist training for clients in the context of Obesity & Diabetes. Contact us to discuss your own specific needs with such conditions.

Muscular Strength and Conditioning

To get our clients lean and strong we design bespoke programmes that deliver results using a variety of progressive methods of training. When performed properly, strength training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well being, including increased bone, muscle, tendon and ligament strength, improved joint stability and function, reduced potential for injury, increased bone density and increased metabolism to improve your fat burning ability.

Fat Loss

A wide range of factors affect a person’s ability to lose body fat. Through careful assessment of sleeping patterns, stress management, lifestyle choices, tailored nutrition and specific methods of training then we will be able to find a solution to help you maximise the ability to promote fat loss.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular fitness is sometimes a bit of a forgotten discipline within an ever increasing world of strength and conditioning but it still certainly has its merits and should never be overlooked as a valid method of training. Cardiovascular fitness is measured as the amount of oxygen transported in the blood and pumped by the heart to the working muscles and as the efficiency of the muscles to use that oxygen. Having good cardiovascular fitness has many health benefits. For example, it decreases your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure to name a few.

GP Referral Service

Through the highly recognised Level 3 Wright Foundation GP Exercise Referral qualification we are able to deal with a variety of conditions such as: Hypertension, Anxiety, Depression, Arthritis and Osteoporosis etc. Please contact us to discuss our inclusion criteria and to see how we can help you.

Postural Conditioning

Good posture is about achieving correct length/tension relationships between muscles and opposing muscle groups. By very accurate assessment and using specific protocols we can identify which areas of the body need to be targeted with either focused stretching or corrective based exercises.

Flexibility and Mobility Conditioning

Flexibility determines the quality of your movement patterns and often balance of flexibility within groups of muscles is of more importance than flexibility alone. By performing functional movement screens we see how these muscle groups work with each other and which particular muscles need lengthening or sometimes shortening. We use specialist techniques such as MET stretches or PNF stretches, plus more traditional forms such as static stretching or dynamic mobility exercises.

Lifestyle Coaching

Never underestimate the power of listening or having someone to listen to your doubts, fears, goals and reasoning. We help our clients to organise, reorganise and implement changes to set them on a path to improved health and well-being. By changing or finely tuning some very simple lifestyle factors we can make vast improvements to your behaviour patterns, and as a result achieve some phenomenal results both physically and mentally. Believing in changing for the better will have a hugely positive effect on your life.


DNA Testing for Specially Tailored Fitness Training

DNAFit testing, a first for personal training in the North East, allows us to use the latest in genetic research to tailor our training to your unique needs. Read more about DNA FIT tailored fitness.

Ski Fit

We provide special fitness training for anyone who intends to go skiing called 'Ski Fit'. Whether you are a beginner or a practiced skier, we can help get you ready for your skiing holiday.