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Testimonials and Feedback

See what our clients have to say about the personal training offered by Bespoke Fitness.

David Shiel, Corbridge

It's 3 months since I started training with Bespoke Fitness and in that time both Neil and Mark have played a major role in transforming my life outlook and fitness.

At first you can't appreciate what the contribution will be, but after 12 weeks I can honestly say I have more energy, feel fitter, and have a far better understanding of nutrition. Simplistically, you can see the results in the body composition checks, through the loss of body/visceral fat and the build up of muscle, but what they don't show is how much more positive and confident I feel.

My wife thinks she has a new husband! I can also feel the difference on the golf course, on my bike and it has been a life changing experience.

If there's a problem, it's that I'm now totally hooked and cannot ever see me going back to my previous self or stopping training with Bespoke Fitness.

Mel Jones, Ponteland

Once I had plucked up the courage to pick up the phone I got in touch with Bespoke Fitness and I am so pleased I did! I was so nervous to meet them and for them to see how unfit I was, having had a baby six months previously and also having a very bad lower back.

I needn’t have worried, during the consultation Neil put me at ease straight away and I have loved every single session since (though I don’t say that to them during the sessions!!) Neil and Mark have tailored my sessions to take into account my lower back and over time my back strength and conditioning has improved immensely! Not one session has ever been the same with Neil & Mark, so you never know what exercises you will be doing which keeps you motivated and it’s fun, yet at the same time the sessions are always made specific to my individual goals.

Bespoke Fitness have coached me and changed my outlook toward exercise and nutrition and after years of fad diets, gym classes, exercise dvd’s I have finally found something that works for me and something which I really enjoy! I’ve lost weight and significantly reduced my body fat percentage.

I still treat myself and have drinks out with friends, but I am now more committed to continuing with small manageable lifestyle changes and to improve on the fantastic results I have already achieved through working with Neil and Mark.

Jane & Nadine, Tyne Valley

We are friends, Jane and Nadine. We’ve been training with Bespoke fitness now for 2 years.

We are both lawyers and work long, irregular hours. Before discovering Bespoke, health and fitness were very much on the back burner. Jane was a typical yo-yo dieter; never sticking to the latest diet / exercise fad for more than 6 months before the pounds crept back on (getting up to 17.5 stone). I on the other hand had gone from being very fit and active throughout my 20’s and 30’s to doing very little exercise at all; the pounds crept on and my usual tried and trusted methods for shifting them just didn’t work anymore.

We came to Bespoke hoping to find something different that would get the results we each wanted and sustain those results long term.

Neil and Mark haven’t disappointed!

Training sessions and advice in relation to both exercise and nutrition are tailored to you and what it is you want to achieve. The weekly sessions are challenging, always varied (great for those of us with a low boredom threshold) and fun.

The Bespoke method of training has changed our fitness and nutrition mind-set, and the results so far have been truly amazing. We have lost weight (in Jane’s case 6.5 stone !!!), toned and reshaped our bodies (the waist is back !!), and we were fit and strong enough to complete the Spartan Race, (in style) this year.

Carol Malia, Tyne Valley

Never before have I hauled a trawler rope, lifted a “dead sheep,” boxed the living daylights out of a friend, run up and down my garden attached to a metal sledge or repeatedly lifted a baseball bat. I loved every moment and the results were impressive. I was in an exercise rut before I met Neil and Mark – if I did get to the gym I didn’t push myself hard enough. After having two children in quick succession, I needed an exercise regime that made the most out of my precious free hour and fitted in with my busy life. Being able to exercise at home meant I saved so much time in treks to and from the gym.

I can honestly say that I looked forward to them coming and found them intuitive about what I needed and how to get the most out of me without leaving me too exhausted for the week ahead.

Bespoke’s workouts are unexpected, out of the ordinary and very targeted. Within months my abdomen and arms began to change shape and my energy levels really lifted (which was a major part of my original decision to start Bespoke sessions.) It’s quite simply the best quality exercise you will ever receive – one hour is worth three in the gym, in my opinion.”

Bharat & Neera Dhir, Newcastle (Gosforth)

We have used personal trainers for over 2 years now as their service fits in well with our life style and time constraints. Over a year ago we started to use Bespoke fitness in place of the company we originally started with.

Bespoke have provided exactly what we need. The two brother team is excellent, both training us in their personal ways but equally able to get the best out of us. Their knowledge, friendliness and ability to make us feel comfortable is unsurpassed.

We would gladly recommend Bespoke to anyone no matter what state of fitness you already have as Bespoke will work synergistically to make you better all round. Bespoke will improve all areas of your fitness without doubt.

Jennifer Clark, Gateshead (Lowfell)

Bespoke Fitness was recommended by a friend, who has trained for the last year with Neil & Mark, as I was looking for something special for my daughter’s 30th birthday. She had had a baby in October and wanted to lose weight. Neil came to my house for an introductory session to find out general medical information and more importantly what mine and my daughter’s goals were.

We began in January 2010 by training once a week and by April were training twice a week as we really enjoy the sessions and have noticed the positive impact it has had on our health. I have lost weight but more importantly my blood pressure has improved and due to this I have been able to reduce my medication. I am fitter and the support I have received on nutrition has improved my outlook on food. When I first started the sessions were very difficult for me but now the time flies by and I have noticed a big improvement in my fitness. Also I must comment that both Neil and Mark make this training fun and enjoyable and the work out is dedicated to our requirements.

I have been a member of a gym before and can honestly say I have gained or learnt nothing from my time at the gym; but in a short space of time with Bespoke Fitness I understand different elements of exercise, how to train correctly and safely and I work harder, therefore improving my fitness levels. This company and the service it provides come highly recommended by me.

Julie McCormack, Gateshead (Lowfell)

My main reason and goal for looking for a personal trainer was to lose weight but Bespoke Fitness has completely changed my outlook on exercise. Before starting the training sessions I had never enjoyed exercise and could not understand how other people did. In a very short space of time I found myself beginning to look forward to the sessions, rather than thinking it was just something I had to do to lose weight. The sessions are fun and Neil and Mark are very encouraging, always making sure you strive to do your best and pushing you that little bit further to achieve maximum results. The advice on nutrition and support from Neil and Mark has meant I have lost weight and hugely improved my fitness levels. I am now able to do a lot more and for longer than when I first began training. I have also been able to learn about fitness and can now put this into practice outside of the sessions.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bespoke Fitness.

Rebecca Dunstan, Corbridge

If you are a serial gym-joiner but non-attender, then Neil and Mark are what you need. I’ve lost count of the money I’ve wasted over the years on unused gym memberships, after the initial interest wore off through boredom. With Bespoke it’s different. They come to you, so you can’t make excuses to yourself, and no two sessions are the same, so boredom is simply not an issue. With some chat and banter the sessions fly by, no matter how hard they work you, and you feel a hundred times more energised by the end. Sessions are always tailored to your needs, rather than just a set formula, and because of this they represent far better results and value for money than any gym. You will actually want to keep going back for more!

Amanda Petty, County Durham

Following a recommendation from a friend I contacted Bespoke Fitness to help with rehabilitation exercise following major surgery. I have been training with them since January 2010 and am amazed at how quickly my fitness levels have returned and that I have lost nearly a stone already just working out once a week with them! They give good, sound and professional advice in all areas of health, fitness and nutrition and support you 100%.

I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who wants 1 to 1 training away from intimidating gyms that is both fun and professional at all times and not to mention great value for money!

Jane Killmister Aged (well over 21 in fact 35 +) Hexham

Without being dramatic Neil and Mark significantly changed my life. I was really struggling with my weight and exercise, getting going seemed daunting and was about to give up.

They brought exercise into my every day life and made it fun. Why is this different than going to the gym because everything comes to you, then they work with you to bring exercise into your lifestyle. Between my husband and I, we have lost over 3 and half stone each so far. We have plenty more to go but unlike in the past it seems achievable and not daunting.

Thanks guys for motivating me when I was running short of motivation, for finding me things to do when I had slight injuries, putting up with my swearing and always turning up with a smile even if it is 7 a.m.

Dr Kate Hoult, Hexham

Neil and Mark were recommended by friends and I am so pleased that I took the plunge. I have been a regular (ish!) attender at my local gym for a couple of years but, mainly due to time constraints, always did the same exercise. This was becoming dull and I felt I had hit a plateau. The personal training sessions have been brilliant! Each session is different but targeted towards your goals. I have seen a change in my shape and I am definitely fitter and stronger. Generously, Neil and Mark have educated me about how to use my gym time most effectively too. They have also been extremely tolerant when my 4 little boys have wanted to join in! I would highly recommend Bespoke Fitness to all my friends.

Dr John Halliday, Hexham

I have been training with Neil and Mark now for 6 months. I was apprehensive about exercise to start with having had an operation and not being at all fit. They both listened carefully to my anxiety and tailored a program to suit me. I have built up my fitness and strength over the time and have no hesitation in recommending them as being highly professional and dedicated.

Victoria Emery BSc , Darras Hall

I have been training with bespoke fitness for over a year and I’ve seen outstanding changes in my physical appearance, fitness levels and my personal confidence. Neil and Mark make working out fun and exciting, no two sessions are the same and each workout is individually tailored to both my fitness levels and emotional moods. I have seen a massive improvement in my strength and stamina; I can now manage full push ups, cycle and run further and faster, and excel on the rowing machine. I am reaching and exceeding my own fitness targets, which would be impossible to achieve by myself. Neil and Mark are not only personal trainers they are friends, and each week I look forward to my sessions.

Laura Sykes, Hexham

Bespoke Fitness offers a great value for money service. I really look forward to my sessions – unlike going to the gym when I would always find something better to do.

Neil & Mark are excellent motivators and as they have different styles no two sessions are ever the same so you don’t do repetitive circuits week after week. Even if you train with a friend they tailor the exercises to your own personal needs and goals – and a bit of friendly competition makes all the difference!

I am completely hooked and even bought my gym phobic husband some sessions as a birthday present which he now really enjoys. I will never bother with a gym membership again.

Lucy Bewley, Tyne Valley

After spending a fortune on a gym membership I never used, I decided to look for a personal trainer to help me achieve my health and fitness related goals. I spent some time researching and seeking recommendations (word of mouth/social media etc...) for good personal trainers around the North Eastand I honestly couldn’t have chosen better than Bespoke Fitness! Neil & Mark have actually helped me to enjoy exercise (with them and on my own) which is something that I never thought could happen!? Neil & Mark are great motivators and more importantly they can back up their expertise as personal trainers with vast knowledge of exercise science and nutrition which is why I have been getting the results and why I have dropped two dress sizes in less than a year. I feel and look so much better for it! Their equipment is top quality and the training sessions are really varied, so I don’t get bored! I would highly recommend Bespoke Fitness to anyone.